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Miou - conveyor belt Source factory R & D customization

Miou - conveyor belt manufacturersConveyor belt manufacturers

  The company is a conveyor belt manufacturer located in Zhejiang, China, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. Four companies have more than 200 employees. Is an ISO9001 quality certification company, provincial high-tech enterprises, has a development and innovation team, more than ten national patents. The product has passed the FDA food certification. When the product is exported to many countries, it also undergoes strict quality inspection with the same quality.

Strength manufacturers · There are pictures with truthStrength manufacturer

Recently, I found that the image of the company was seriously stolen. Hereby declare that the following data is true and reliable, and the stolen map will be investigated. We will not do too much bragging, just use the data to speak, use the picture to prove, provide samples for free, invite you Visit the factory and sample free samples. Free design and price for you. Create a conveyor belt brand industry chain.
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Production and sales integration, speak with data Production and sales integration

With its own large coil production base, it provides one-stop service for production and sales, thereby reducing customer waiting time and benefiting customers.

Provide customers with a simple and comfortable experience regardless of quality, processing or service


 The "Miou" plant covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with a daily output of approximately 15,000 square meters and an inventory of 10 million square meters. 4 sets of conveyor belt coil production equipment, 4 sets of large conveyor belt slitting equipment, 10 sets of raw material mixing equipment, 4 aerial crane equipment, 3 forklift handling equipment, 4 freight vehicles. The true conveyor belt manufacturer can provide personalized production services according to customers, customize personalized patterns, special color modulation, special thickness suppression, special performance production, product performance adjustment, etc. Conventional products are adequately stocked, have strong production capacity, reduce waiting time for customers, and have strict requirements for after-sales and packaging, which are sold throughout the world. The Huaxia Coil Factory was acquired in 2016, retaining equipment and technical personnel, and implementing post-management. It consists of high-level, middle-level, and bottom-level service chains. Managers and managed persons have clear tasks, ordered production, and unified requirements. Strong strength and technical support, is committed to building a conveyor belt brand industry chain. Please purchase the conveyor belt manufacturer "Miou" to provide you with customized production.


  Nissan has more than 1,000 customized conveyor belts. Treadmill with more than 7,000 pieces, 20 small conveyor belt high-frequency joint equipment, 12 large conveyor belt hot-melt joint equipment, 2 sets of small guide bar processing equipment, 1 set of large ultra wide guide bar processing equipment. 3 sets of skirt processing equipment, 3 sets of skirt baffle processing equipment, 3 sets of automatic belt toothing equipment, 1 set of large vertical jointing equipment, 2 sets of manual layering equipment, 2 sets of manual toothing equipment, 2 sets of large-scale special processing and manual operations Taiwan, a large manual cutting platform of more than ten meters, 10 imported hot-melt air guns, more than ten years of establishment, engaged in customized processing services for conveyor belts. Conveyor belt manufacturers can provide customers with customized processing according to the length, width, thickness, color and surface pattern of the conveyor belt. Provide processing including guide strips, skirts, baffles, sponges, red plastic, punching, turning belts Processing is commonly used in other industries. And can provide personalized custom processing according to drawings. Decades of technology accumulation and personnel retention. Industry market research, product problem improvement, etc.

Honor, quality assuranceCertificate of honor

  • 浙江传送带生产厂家ISO9001质量管理证书 ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate
  • 米欧生产标准化质量检测证书 Production standardization certificate
  • 食品输送带可提供FDA食品检测报告 FDA Food Certification
  • 提供ROHS强制检测报告认证 ROHS EU quality certification
  • 米欧为您提供多项专利证书,检测报告 Multiple testing and patent certificates

Strength manufacturers · Industry customizationProvides two modes of sales of finished products

  • pvc输送带产品介绍

    Light Transport Industry

    Self-produced raw materials

  • 食品输送带介绍

    Food delivery industry

    Food grade certification

  • 跑步机皮带,跑步机带介绍

    Sports fitness industry

    Ten million in stock, ten thousand in Nissan

  • 砂光机输送带产品

    Wood processing industry

    Independent factory R & D improvement

  • 物流输送带产品介绍

    Logistics and transportation industry

    Self-developed material

Production and sales integrationOne-stop service

  • 米欧PVC输送带厂拥有自己的家卷料生产设备

    Coil production

      Roll material is the abbreviation for the entire roll of the conveyor belt. Miou is a conveyor belt manufacturer. It starts from raw materials and can be customized. The thickness, color, pattern and special properties of the conveyor belt can be customized.

  • 米欧输送带接头设备

    Custom processing

     For decades, the technical team only needs one drawing to provide you with customized and diversified processing services, provide technical support, and customize special conveyor belts to improve customer productivity.

  • 公司拥有自己的配送车辆

    National Delivery

      Miou has its own distribution department, free distribution around, national logistics delivery, fast delivery, products are sold throughout the country, after-sales tracking, and timely solution to transportation problems.

  • 米欧公司办公室图片

    Quality after sales

      The company is equipped with pre-sales and after-sales personnel, timely processing of orders, 24-hour online service, technical staff with timely question answering, product tracking and other services。

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