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Miou, mainly engaged in the production and processing of conveyor belt coil and finished products, sales service, standardized production operation, quality control from the source material, is a famous brand in the industry with unique domestic qualification; The company has 4 production lines, many sets of hot-melt joints, precision manufacturing special maintenance and inspection equipment, has a 100 person engineering and technical team, and has rich experience in on-site processing technology, which has been widely recognized by peers and praised by customers.

Industry customization and spot supplyHundreds of industry conventional products of tens of millions of inventory to meet your demand for fast shipping

PVC Conveyor Belt

Assembly line conveyor belt   0.8-20mm thickness can be customized, multi texture, color can be selected, according to the special requirements, the production of heat-resistant, cold resistant, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, anti-skid conveyor belt, with conventional thickness of coil stock, can be cut according to customer requirements, special processing

Treadmill belt

Fitness equipment conveyor belt   It was in 2013 that the company entered the fitness industry. After half a year of research, the company finally produced a treadmill belt suitable for treadmills after experimenting with dozens of cloth layers and hundreds of pastes. Our products have the characteristics of low noise, high antistatic index and smooth joint. Now the sales volume of the industry has reached more than 30 million

Food Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt in food industry   (1) FDA certification, mechanical cutting edge to eliminate rash and snake edge, imported joint machine, flat joint without mark
(2) Ten years of processing experience, imported equipment with mature technology, to meet the various processing needs of customers, such as: skirt, baffle, guide bar, steel buckle, white glue, drilling, sponge, etc

Conveyor belt in logistics industry   For the logistics industry, the conveyor belt produced by Mio is very mature. 3.0-5.0 mm PVC matte black, 5.0 PVC black grass, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm double-sided PVK, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm single-sided PVK, 2.0 mm PVC diamond can be applied to the four systems of logistics equipment (weighing machine, trolley belt, auxiliary line and telescopic machine)

Conveyor belt of woodworking machinery   In 2012, the company joined Qingdao Woodworking Machinery Association and opened a processing plant for woodworking special belt. After eight years of research and development, the product has been updated for four generations, the thickness of the product has increased from 9.0 to 11.0, the service life of the product has increased by 15%, the formula of the material layer has been added with rubber, the wear resistance has been improved by about 20%, and the pattern is square, which is unique and improves the quality of the machine. Can provide customers with grinding process

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  • Conveyor belt in food industry
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  • Conveyor belt of woodworking machinery

Complete supply, R & D and customizationProduction source quality control EU quality assurance

Deep cooperation and common witnessMany customers witness conveyor belt quality assurance

  • Xilinmen conveyor belt customization
  • Goodbaby, customized conveyor belt

Case name:Xilinmen conveyor belt customization

Case details:For a 150 meter long belt, six coaxial belts are needed. Mio customized a 4.5 black matte belt for customers, which is stronger than the ordinary 6.0 belt. At the same time, it adopted on-site construction. In this way, the customized belt can reduce the weight of the machine by 1.5 kg per square meter, reduce the installation cost, and achieve the effect of coaxial use.

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consulting service

Case name:Goodbaby, customized conveyor belt

Case details:Goodchild's subsidiaries include Goodchild China Holdings Co., Ltd. and Goodchild International Holdings Co., Ltd., which are the world's leading children's products company and the largest distribution and retail platform for mother and infant products in China. They were founded by song Zheng in Kunshan in 1989 and are engaged in the R & D, manufacturing, Omni channel distribution and retail of children's and mother and infant products. We started to cooperate in 2009. At present, all conveyor belts used in Goodchild's factories are our products.

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consulting service

One stop solution of special conveyor belt for various industriesR & D, production, processing and sales

  • Manufacturer
  • Technology
  • Customized
  • Quality control
  • After sales

Strength manufacturerFor you to solve the conveyor belt problems

Wanping production base, tens of millions of inventory, ready to undertake production according to quality and quantity
Imported complete sets of mechanical processing equipment, 4 production lines work alternately, strong production capacity
All products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification and national inspection standards

Standard technologyInnovation strength and quality

Have 10 years of sales experience to provide you with consulting services
More than 20 years of industry experience, technical guidance of production process
Quality control personnel strict quality inspection, high-precision inspection equipment, multidimensional to ensure quality
Accurate cutting, zero processing, according to demand production, customer service

research and developmentCustomized according to customer needs

Hundreds of patterns and colors can be produced in proportion. According to the characteristics of the products, the conveyor belts with antistatic, cold resistant, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, wear resistant and oil resistant can be customized

Raw material quality controlR & D and production customization

The factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters. All coil materials are produced independently, quality control from the source, feeding to delivery, strict quality inspection

Perfect serviceHumanized service

Engineers provide you with pre-sale model selection and customization services, and provide stable customers with free stock during sale
Quality problems are guaranteed to be returned in one month, replaced in three months and repaired in one year
In special cases, after-sales engineers come to solve problems free of charge

Honor and qualificationContinuous development, won numerous reputation

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