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Coil material

  • PVC conveyor belt
  • Pu conveyor belt
  • PE conveyor belt
  • Felt belt
  • PVK conveyor belt
  • Canvas conveyor belt
  • Chip baseband

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PVC conveyor belt

Environmental protection, lightweight, affordable, can be customized any color, and can be customized according to the customer's use environment for antistatic, oil resistant, cold resistant, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, UV resistant and other characteristics. Our company has 8 years of coil production technology, can be self-developed, the production of PVC conveyor belt in strict accordance with international production standards exported to other countries

Pu conveyor belt

FDA food grade standards, direct contact with food, according to the customer's use environment for antistatic, oil resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance and other characteristics of customized, export quality, customized on demand

PE conveyor belt

International food grade conveyor belt, harmless in import, good toughness, mostly used in food cutting industry, transparent color, long, customized thickness

Felt belt

0.7 double-sided 1.2 double-sided 1.6 double-sided 1.7 double-sided 2.5 double-sided 4.0 double-sided 5.5 double-sided are pure imported goods. We have long-term stock of more than 1000 flat, wear-resistant, good air permeability, uniform color, and can provide imported products for secondary processing into single-sided felt belt, with width of 2000, length and thickness customizable

PVK conveyor belt

Self developed improved pulp dipping process, 6-ton tension production line, customized products, wear-resistant, strong tension, no deformation and other characteristics, become the express industry designated products, single-sided, double-sided, thickness, length can be customized.

Canvas conveyor belt

The canvas conveyor belt has the surface cloth material, the material is soft, can effectively protect the product, and the air permeability is strong, has the slight temperature resistance ability, can reach about 120 degrees, Mio self processing tension layer, can bring more powerful tension effect, and can be wrapped and other operations

Chip baseband

The baseband belongs to the plane high-speed transmission belt. Usually, there is a nylon base in the middle of the baseband, and the surface is covered with rubber, cow hide and fiber cloth; It is divided into rubber nylon baseband and cowhide nylon baseband. The strip thickness is usually in the range of 0.8-6 mm. Nylon baseband has strong tensile force, bending resistance, high efficiency, low noise, fatigue resistance, good wear resistance and long service life

Miou beltClassic cases

Miou quality · customer witness
  • Shanghai Yongli belt Co., Ltd
  • Shengbao Industrial Co., Ltd
  • Dongyi industrial belt Co., Ltd
  • the republic of korea
  • other

Shanghai Yongli belt Co., Ltd

Our production process is the same as that of Yongli, and our suppliers are mostly the same, so Yongli will choose us to supply some coil materials when its own orders are endless. Our sample production capacity greatly meets the various needs of Wynn.

Shengbao Industrial Co., Ltd

The earliest conveyor belt in Chinese mainland was imported by Sheng Bao. Sheng Bao had higher requirements for products. Because of the capacity problem, some products needed to be purchased. When he visited our factory, he talked with Xu general, and Xu's ability was recognized.

Shanghai Dongyi industrial belt Co., Ltd

Dongyi long-term supply of tobacco and food factories, quality requirements are very high, Mr. Zheng personally went to the factory after inspection and had a deep discussion with Mr. Xu, Mr. Xu is very confident in their own quality, gave Dongyi 1 million credit line, first supply and then payment, after we have been working together until now

Export to all countries and regions

After our acquisition of Zhejiang Huaxia, Huaxia's import and export business has been operating normally. Customers are not at ease with us. After visiting the factory in person and talking with Mr. Xu, they are very relieved to cooperate with us until now. Thailand, India, Iran and other countries have our long-term cooperation customers.

Sales all over the country

Mio long-term service transportation industry, sports fitness industry, conveyor equipment enterprises, in-depth cooperation, committed to domestic conveyor belt to more users

Email 2850383285@qq.com

Strength manufacturer-Data speak

Acquisition of Zhejiang Huaxia, reorganization of technical force, pursuit of continuous innovation
  • Communicate
  • Customized
  • Quality
  • Service

01communicatesolve the problem

(1) The pre-sale Sales Engineer provides the consultation and the model selection recommendation, and the assistant sends the sample to confirm the model
(2) Combined with years of experience, we provide solutions to the difficult problems of conveyor belt in various industries

02customizationInnovation strength and quality

(1) Laitu can be produced, and customized conveyor belt can be developed according to the demand
(2) Zhejiang high tech enterprises, a number of "invention", "design", "utility model" and other patent certificates, ISO quality management system certification

03Strength manufacturerQuality assurance

(1) Factory direct sales, coil independent production, has its own weaving factory, control the quality from the source
(2) Four production lines, standardized production process, imported equipment operation, multi-dimensional quality inspection requirements
(3) Customized on demand, special processing, more than 20 years of experience of the master operation and production
(4) 24-hour shift production, daily production can reach thousands

04Perfect serviceAfter sales worry free

(1) All product quality implementation of the national three guarantees policy, one month guaranteed return, three months guaranteed replacement, one year guaranteed repair
(2) In case of special circumstances, technical engineers can be arranged for on-site service


Conveyor belt manufacturerConveyor belt manufacturer

For more than ten years, Mio has been committed to customer-centric, strategic partners as the cornerstone, to provide thousands of customers with transmission system supporting services, integrated production, processing and sales services, to provide customized production and processing of conveyor belt for tens of thousands of customers, and comprehensively enhance the brand value of conveyor equipment.
The company's products are exported to many countries at the same time, but also with the same quality strict quality inspection, with high quality coil service to dealers around.

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