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How to deal with the fracture

How to deal with the fracture of rubber conveyor belt effectively?


If it is a waste to throw away the rubber conveyor belt after partial fracture, it is most appropriate for our customers to solve the problem in this way:


1. The upper and lower glue of the tear part were removed, and the left and right sides of the gap were expanded by 6cm respectively to form a strip shape of 11cm wide.


1) Grind and clean the surface to be repaired and one side of the film to be repaired (gasoline or acetone) and air dry.


2) Pour the curing agent into the glue and mix evenly.


3) Brush glue on the place to be repaired and the prepared nylon cloth for three times (brush the next time when it's fast drying each time), and stick it firmly.


4) Apply film on the surface of nylon cloth according to the same requirements. Hammer it with a hand hammer.


2. If it is not completely scratched, the surface is chipped and cracked (this phenomenon often occurs in wire rope conveyor belt and bucket elevator), it should be repaired with Vicker mcp-108


1) Keep the damaged part level, polish and clean it


2) Brush treatment agent on the damaged area as required.


3) Pour the mixed mcp-108 on the damaged area. Natural curing for about 3 hours.


About how to deal with the problem of rubber conveyor belt fracture effectively, the conveyor belt manufacturer will introduce it to you. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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