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Design conveyor must read, con
Industrialization is developing rapidly, and labor costs are increasing year by year. Many industries and fields are using machines instead of labor. New conveyors in various fields and industries are designed and used. In the design of belt conveyors, the selection of rollers is usually involved.

The main criterion for the selection of conveyor rollers is the diameter. The use of large diameter reversing rollers is very advantageous for the use of conveyor belts. In particular, the service life of the conveyor belt of the baffle skirt can be increased, but when the diameter of the drum is increased,

The quality of the drive roller, the reduction ratio of the drive reducer, the quality and size of the reducer need to be correspondingly increased, and the cost naturally increases a lot. How to choose to consider the following six factors:

(1) The bending stress of the tape when the conveyor belt bypasses the roller, and the bending stress of the conveyor belt of different thicknesses and materials is different;

(2) The frequency of bending of the conveyor belt is related to the guiding method, the number of rollers bypassing, the distance and speed;

(3) a greater or average specific pressure between the conveyor belt and the drum surface;

(4) The allowable strength utilization ratio of the conveyor belt, which is the percentage of the ratio of the greater tension of the conveyor belt to the allowable tension of the belt;

(5) The installation location and the use strip of the belt conveyor, the weight and operating speed required for the whole machine;

(6) deformation amount of the drum rubber and rubber;

The principle of the method of determining the diameter of the drum is that when the tensile stress of the conveyor belt is large, the additional bending stress should be smaller; on the contrary, when the tensile stress is small, a slightly larger bending stress is allowed, and a smaller drum diameter can be selected. .

The above factors are considered well, and the designed machine is naturally low in cost and strong in applicability.

The choice of the drum has a great relationship with the parameters of the conveyor belt. Therefore, it is a shortcut to design that each conveyor belt of the regular conveyor belt production factory has complete parameters. It is naturally better for the manufacturer to provide a matching design.

The Miou belt has this product supporting service, as well as customized production services. Other large brands like West Green and Aymara should have it. The company that chooses such a perfect product must be the first choice for the conveyor belt of the new machine.
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