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Mio's new product - PVC cold-r

Cold resistant conveyor belt

Can PVC conveyor belt not stand cold? That's because you haven't found the right conveyor belt manufacturer. With the development of conveyor belt Market environment, more and more northern markets are no longer working hours and production efficiency of only a few months a year. With the increasing automation, indoor and outdoor transportation is becoming more and more popular in the industry. Under the working environment of minus 30 - 40 degrees, can common conveyor belts work normally?


Obviously, ordinary PVC conveyor belts can only reach 10-25 degrees below zero, the surface will appear color cracks, not anti-aging, will cause enterprises to change the conveyor belts once a year, resulting in great economic losses and unnecessary troubles. According to this characteristic, the cold-resistant conveyor belt has been produced in the industry. Today, let us know about the cold-resistant conveyor belt.

Literally, cold-resistant conveyor belt is suitable for conveying materials in cold areas such as open air or frozen warehouse. Its characteristics are impact resistance and cold resistance. Fundamentally solved because of the environmental and climate problems, enterprises can also continue to operate as before.


Fortunately, Miao has developed this cold-resistant conveyor belt, which can reach minus 41-42 degrees by third-party testing. It really solves the problem of cold-resistant conveyor.


In addition to cold-resistant conveyor belts, you can also customize more special products, such as antistatic conveyor belts, high temperature conveyor belts and so on. For details, please consult the manufacturer.

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