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Conveyor belt how to see the q

How to see the quality of conveyor belt? The quality of conveyor belt is related to the service life of conveyor belt and food safety in the food industry. How to judge the quality of conveyor belt?


1. Whether the physical performance meets your requirements;


2. Whether the conveyor belt has relevant certificates;


3. Guarantee period of conveyor belt before delivery; Generally, the shelf life of conveyor belt is 6 months;


4. Whether it meets your requirements during use or trial.


How to see the quality of conveyor belt


1. The conveyor belt must be selected to meet the use requirements. The conveyor belt belongs to non-standard parts, especially if the environmental factors are not selected correctly, the service life of the conveyor belt will also be affected;


2. The key, especially the food conveyor belt, is to have a food grade certificate.

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