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Heat-resistant conveyor belt, as the name suggests, knows that heat-resistant conveyor belt is a special conveyor belt used in high temperature environment. Heat-resistant conveyor belt is generally used in steel, cement, chemical and other industries. Its main structure: from high temperature resistance The burning layer, the transition layer, the organic heat insulating layer, the strong layer and the heat-resistant layer are composed.
Characteristics: The cover rubber meets the high temperature to produce a microporous carbonized layer, which is resistant to burning and can prevent further heat transfer to the belt body and reduce the internal strength of the tape. The carbonized layer generates irregular fine cracks during the operation of the belt body, so that the belt body has a cooling effect.
Heat-resistant conveyor belts are mainly used to transport high-temperature materials such as sintered ore, hot coke, cement clinker, and hot castings. According to the main performance of heat-resistant belt damage and loss of conveying capacity and different heat-resistant grades, respectively, using EPDM or styrene-butadiene rubber as cover rubber; high-strength and high-permeability polyester canvas or cotton canvas as a strong layer. A heat-resistant glass cloth can be additionally provided between the cover rubber and the skeleton layer to improve the service life of the heat-resistant belt. According to user requirements, it can be made into a ring belt. The heat-resistant conveyor belt is made of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (polyester cotton cloth) covered with high temperature resistant or heat resistant rubber. It is bonded together by high temperature vulcanization. It is suitable for conveying hot coke, cement, slag and hot castings below 175 °C. .
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