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The company is located in Zhejiang Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone, covers an area of 10000 square meters. Shanghai Kun Shanghai Mi'ou industry and the acquisition of the original plastic built into china. Engaged in the production and processing of various conveyor belts and rolls.
Since the establishment of the equipment for environmental protection, technical transformation, and retain the original Chinese excellent technical personnel, with the deployment of Shanghai technology and management personnel, formed a high-quality production team. Today, the company has become environmentally friendly mechanized manufacturers.
Companies and Shanghai, Qingdao and other parts of the formation of a global conveyor belt industrial chain. To provide customers with product needs from the design, research and development, production, processing, after-sale all-round service.

The company was founded in 2007, has set up a branch in Qingdao and Harbin, in 2013 he registered brand, set up production plants, in 2016 the company's acquisition of Huaxia Textile Co. Ltd. on behalf of Mio and Mio, established a large production base, and registered with Zhejiang Mi'ou Limited by Share Ltd. Thus forming a chain of multi company conveyor belts.

Company founder Xu Liangquan, was born in June 30, 1973 in Zhejiang city of Quzhou, has founded Shanghai kunye Transmission System Co. Ltd., Shanghai Mi'ou industrial belt Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Mi'ou with Limited by Share Ltd, the current chairman of the group.

In cooperation with the international Alibaba Chinese station and the station, the line is engaged in import and export trade, mainly engaged in kunye transmission, with Mio two brands, the conveyor belt, and engaged in commercial treadmill belt, treadmill belt production, from the production and processing of raw materials sold to provide all in one service, products from the material of rubber, polyurethane (PU), synthetic leather, PVC (PVC), silica gel, plastic, stainless steel and other products. Acting at the same time the world brand OPTIBELT (Opit), GATES (Gates), BAND (in East), Gaudi MEGADYNE, customers can enjoy one-stop procurement, processing and supporting services.

At present, products have been in the wood industry, food, electronics, textiles, tobacco, marble, glass, ceramics, the airport industry, steel, beverages, automobiles, building materials, manufacturing and other industries have been praised by users. Our team adhering to the "continuous optimization, continuous innovation, create and share" business philosophy, market-oriented, to meet customer demand as its mission to become bigger and stronger, based on the China, going global.

Enterprise values:
Pragmatic, integrity, innovation and dedication

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