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How to prevent conveyor belt d

Based on the center line of the belt running direction, ensure that all rollers, belts, supports and idlers are on the center line, ensure that the conveyor belt levelness (or inclination) error is small, and keep in a straight line; the levelness and verticality of the frame, rollers and idlers meet the requirements of the specification; select the belt with reliable quality, and the joint shall be straight and smooth, with uniform stress. Make the feeding port parallel to the conveyor belt, and ensure that the feeding falls on the center line of the conveyor belt, the height is not more than 0.6m, and the feeding impulse is small and uniform. Strict quality control from the source of installation can effectively prevent the conveyor belt from deviation.


Grasp the law and correct the deviation: there are some rules in the deviation of belt conveyor, which can be summarized as "running tight but not loose, running high but not low, and not running before running". In other words, when the tension of one side of the belt is high and relatively tight, and the tension of the other side is low and relatively loose, it will be biased to the tight side; when the running direction of the idler and the belt is not in the same horizontal line, but one side is high and the other side is low, the belt will be biased to the high side; when the roller support and other devices are not in the section perpendicular to the running direction of the belt, but in the positive direction The conveyor belt will deviate to the back when the conveyor belt is facing the front and back (depending on the running direction of the conveyor belt). In the work, we should pay attention to the observation, master the regular deviation fault, and can better eliminate one by one. First, the belt runs to the same side under no-load and heavy load. It shows that the tightness of both sides of the belt is different, and the belt will deviate to the tight side. At this time, the deviation can be corrected by adjusting the tension or counterweight of the tensioning mechanism.


The tape always deviates to one side when it is empty. Then adjust several groups of roller supports on the deviation side, move forward about 10-20 (mm) along the belt running direction at the same time, and move forward more idler groups on the deviation side at the same time, so that the deviation correction effect is better. Third, the belt left and right deviation, the direction is not fixed, indicating that the belt is too loose. By adjusting the tension mechanism and increasing the tension force, the deviation can be corrected. The deviation of the belt at the driving roller indicates that the perpendicularity of the roller has error or unilateral wear. The deviation can be corrected by adjusting the levelness and parallelism of the roll or repairing the wear. Fifthly, when the belt deviates at the reversing roll, which side is deviated, that is, the roll shaft on the other side moves forward along the running direction of the conveyor belt, so as to solve the problem of deviation correction.

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