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Pay attention to technical par

Why do we first ask what model and what material is it when customers come to customize the baseband?


Only when we give you an accurate quotation can we know the exact design parameters. Today, I'd like to talk about the technical parameters.


On a certain level, the technical parameters of baseband customization can completely reflect the performance of a product, how it is presented and how it operates. Understanding the technical parameters can give us a general understanding of it. No matter what kind of equipment or accessories have technical parameters as a reference basis, the corresponding equipment has the technical parameters used, belt products also have technical parameters.


There are many kinds of industrial belts, but the relative use of equipment is more extensive. In order to accurately match to the point, we need technical parameters as support. We can't just because this belt is called paste box machine, the belt can be applied to all kinds of paste box machine, and the corresponding data is the key to choose. In the process of communication with customers and friends, as a manufacturer, we should achieve a greater degree of accuracy, which can't be separated from the technical parameters.


The above is about the chip baseband customization technical parameters of information, I believe you also have a certain understanding. Not only the baseband, other conveyor belt, synchronous belt and other industrial belt also need to provide technical parameters to better provide you with the corresponding products.

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