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What causes the elevator belt

The belt bucket elevator has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, reliable operation balance and large lifting height. However, in the process of use, the elevator belt sometimes deviates. Let's discuss the reasons for the deviation of the elevator belt.


1The rolling surface of the drum head wheel is worn, resulting in concave in the rolling surface and protruding on both sides.


Due to the long-term operation of the drum, there has been friction between the elevator belt and the drum, forming a concave shape. Then the elevator belt will deviate. This kind of elevator belt deviation often occurs and is not easy to be found.


2The roller surface of the tail wheel drum is worn, resulting in bulge in the roller surface and concave on both sides.


This will lead to serious deviation of the elevator belt, failure to run, left and right during operation, and difficult to adjust.


3The connector is incorrect.


Improper joint of elevator belt will also cause deviation. This deviation is troublesome and can only be replaced.


4The head wheel is not in the horizontal position.


This deviation is caused by the deviation of the elevator belt due to the installation error and the non-level head pulley.


The above are several common deviation phenomena of elevator belt, which I hope to help you.


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