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Market demand and development

Nowadays, with the rapid development of conveyor belt, it quickly occupied the material transportation market. In today's era of rapid development, if conveyor belt wants to be king for a long time, it must grasp the development direction. Strengthen the application of special purpose conveyor belt. Further development of ring conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt, large angle side belt and intelligent multi-function tear resistant conveyor belt.


Development and can meet the needs of coal mine fabric core conveyor belt and low smoke and low toxicity flame retardant conveyor belt. The technology level of new conveyor belts such as tubular conveyor belt and large inclined conveyor belt will be improved, and the market share will be expanded. Develop new energy-saving, safe and environmental protection products to replace old ones. Light conveyor belt is the best product of conveyor belt, with less investment, low energy consumption, high technology content and high added value.


With the development of economy, the progress of science and technology and the improvement of modernization level, the market demand for light conveyor belt is increasing, so we should guide users to pay attention to the use of light conveyor belt. The downstream demand of rubber conveyor belt mainly comes from coal, steel, cement, port and electric power industries, and the demand prospect of conveyor belt in coal mine field is good.


The huge stock effect of steel and cement industry will still bring stable demand support for conveyor belt industry. Although the investment in fixed assets of the steel and cement industries is declining and the growth rate of output is slowing down obviously, the conveyor belts used in these two fields are mainly heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and their service life is only 2-3 months. Therefore, the replacement demand is the main part of their demand. We believe that the demand of steel, cement, port, electric power and other industries for rubber conveyor belt will maintain a stable growth.

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