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How to distinguish nylon conve

The tensile strength of the covering layer of nylon (NN) conveyor belt is not less than 15MPa, the elongation at break is not less than 350%, the wear loss is less than or equal to 200mm3, the average longitudinal bonding strength between layers is not less than 4.5n/mm, the full thickness of the covering glue and cloth layer is not less than 3.2n/mm, and the belt is broken longitudinally.


Difference between nylon conveyor belt and EP conveyor belt: compared with ordinary cotton core conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, impact resistance, light weight and good slotting performance, which can effectively reduce transportation cost and realize high-speed, long-span and long-distance transportation. EP conveyor belt not only has many advantages of nylon conveyor belt, but also has the characteristics of small elongation and no reduction of wet strength. This is particularly important for long distance transportation and wet working conditions. The optional strength specifications of nylon canvas and EP canvas are: 100N / mm125n / mm150n / mm200n / mm250n / mm300n / mm400n / mm, etc. Nylon conveyor belt, laminated canvas is nylon canvas. Nylon (NN) conveyor belt has the characteristics of thin body, high strength, impact resistance, good slotting, great adhesion between layers, good flexibility and long service life. It is suitable for medium and long distance, high load and high speed transportation of materials. It is widely used in mining, coal yard, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, port and other departments.

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