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Which kinds of cutting resista

What are the cutting resistant conveyor belts? There are too many items to be transported by conveyor belt, among which hard goods, such as wood products and glass products, will not only scratch the conveyor belt, but also affect the product itself. At this time, it is appropriate to choose cutting resistant conveyor belt. What types of conveyor belt will this kind of conveyor have?


Function of cutting resistant conveyor belt: cutting resistant conveyor belt is one of conveyor belts. Like other conveyor belts, the main function is to transport goods. However, it can be used for material cutting operation in addition to conveying materials. Therefore, the cutting resistant conveyor belt can be widely used in various fields of material cutting in modern times. The emergence of conveyor belt improves the efficiency of production labor, avoids the danger of labor, and saves human resources greatly.


We first introduce a PVK conveyor belt, which is widely used in logistics industry, and its advantages are strong durability, cutting resistance and wear resistance.


The second is felt tape, which has the characteristics of smooth surface, good permeability and is commonly used in glass industry.


Use advantages:


1. Unlike other conveyor belts, it is very cutting resistant, and there is no need to worry about the fracture of the belt.


2. It is convenient to install and transport more materials.


3. Life is long, if we compare them comprehensively, we should calculate the goods with high cost performance.


It can be seen that the function and advantages of the cutting resistant conveyor belt are very obvious. Therefore, if the use of other conveyors, accidents will not be used normally, then choose the cutting resistant conveyor with its own matching. It has a long life and is convenient to repair. Basically, if you understand these machines, you can repair it. It is also worth mentioning that it is not easy to plug holes when it is used, so it is more convenient.


Above is about the introduction of cutting resistant conveyor belt, I believe you have a certain understanding. The conveyor belt manufacturer provides a variety of specifications of felt conveyor belt including single felt conveyor belt, double-sided felt conveyor belt, etc., which is specially used for the transportation occasions requiring wear-resistant, cutting resistance and preventing the surface of the belt scratched articles. For example: home appliances, metal sheet transportation; airport; extrusion of aluminum profile; general purpose of automobile industry; sheet processing; board industry; auto parts manufacturing; cardboard conversion; cardboard manufacturing; distribution center; electronics; furniture manufacturing, etc., width and height can be customized, and guide bars and slots can be added for corresponding design and processing. Please click online consultation.

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