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For the edge sealing of convey

Today Xiaobian will introduce PVC conveyor belt edge banding. How is edge banding made? What kind of industry and production environment needs to be sealed.


The thinnest edge sealing of PVC conveyor belt needs to be 1.5mm. First separate the cloth surface from the rubber surface, and then seal the edge with the rubber surface, so that the edge sealing is completed. We use hot melt processing, edge banding and conveyor belt as one. It is not easy to fall off.


PVC conveyor belts are generally used in the electronic industry. When electronic factories produce products, they need a dust-free environment. When ordinary PVC conveyor belts are running, there will be friction on both sides, and PVC conveyor belts without edge sealing will produce dust.


Not only the electronic industry needs edge banding, but also other industries will have demand, which depends on the specific situation.


The above is the introduction of "conveyor belt edge banding". I believe you also have a certain understanding. The company can involve many industries according to the needs of users. Special aircraft customization is carried out in the use environment, with three complete customization schemes of the whole category, the whole production process and the whole industrial chain. Please consult customer service for more details. For details, please consult 400-860-6021.

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