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There are many kinds of convey

In our life, conveyor belt is indispensable. In agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation industry, conveyor belt is widely used to transport all kinds of solid block and powder like materials or finished articles. It can be continuous, high efficiency, large angle and fast transportation, stable operation, safety, easy use, easy maintenance, low freight, and can shorten the transportation distance, reduce the project cost and save Human and material resources have brought great convenience to manufacturers, thus improving a lot of benefits.

Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the conveyor belt of ten different types!

1Ordinary conveyor belt: conveyor belt is the main part of belt conveyor, which plays the role of carrying materials. It is widely used in steel, coal, alloy, chemical industry, building materials, grain and other industries. Compared with its transportation mode, the conveyor belt has the advantages of safe operation, convenient use, easy maintenance, low freight, and can realize the continuity and shorten the transportation distance. In a certain range, it has become the substitute of highway and railway transportation. This kind of conveyor belt is suitable for conveying bulk, granular and powdery materials at normal temperature without special corrosivity under general conditions. The strength layer is high quality heavy cotton canvas or Uygur cotton and polyester cotton canvas. Compared with ordinary cotton core conveyor belt, the conveyor belt has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, impact resistance, light weight and good grooving performance. It can effectively reduce the cost and realize high-speed, long-span and long-distance transportation.

2EP conveyor belt: with heat stability, impact resistance, suitable for medium and long distance, high cutting, high speed transportation of materials. Polyester conveyor belt (EP) not only has many advantages of nylon conveyor belt, but also has the unique advantages of small elongation and no reduction of wet strength. This is particularly important for long distance transportation and wet working conditions. The strength specifications of nylon canvas and polyester canvas are: 100N / mm 150n / mm 200N / mm 300N / mm350n / mm

3Heat resistant conveyor belt: heat resistant conveyor belt is mainly used for conveying high temperature materials, such as sinter, hot coke, cement clinker, hot casting, etc.

4Acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt: it is suitable for the working environment in contact with acid and alkali, such as phosphate fertilizer manufacturing, seawater salt drying.

5Whole core flame retardant conveyor belt: it has the characteristics of high strength, large transportation capacity and transportation balance. At the same time, the product has good flame retardant, antistatic, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. This product is mainly suitable for underground transportation of coal mine, also can be used for material transportation of metallurgy and chemical industry. The whole core flame retardant conveyor belt can be divided into PVC type and PVG type.

6Pattern conveyor belt: the inclination angle is 0-45o to prevent the material from sliding and improve the conveying capacity. According to the different covering performance, it can be divided into ordinary, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, heat-resistant, etc.

7Rubber conveyor belt: the rubber lifting belt is made of multi-layer adhesive fabric, and there should be covering glue outside the belt core.

8Oil resistant conveyor belt: the main material of covering rubber is high content of acrylonitrile.

9Rubber waterstop: generally used in large concrete structures, such as dams, reservoirs, basements, etc.

10Corrugated rib conveyor belt: the structural feature is to replace the ordinary conveyor belt with corrugated rib conveyor belt.

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