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In which case will Pu conveyor

If you want to buy food conveyor belt, many manufacturers will recommend Pu conveyor belt to you, but the food conveyor belt is not only Pu conveyor belt, but also other types. The common ones are Teflon conveyor belt, silica gel conveyor belt, PE conveyor belt and PVC conveyor belt. The conveyor belts for different foods are also different, so the food conveyor belt can't be purchased casually, so In which case will Pu conveyor belt be used?


According to the data of consultation and purchase, polyurethane PU conveyor belt and PVC conveyor belt have always been the products that customers in the food industry consult and purchase from Zui. In terms of selection, new and old customers often have this problem. Which one is better, PVC conveyor belt or polyurethane PU conveyor belt? As a matter of fact, there is no question of whether it is good or not, just whether it is suitable for its own industry and equipment.


So how to choose the right conveyor belt for your industry and equipment?


If the transport is food, such as candy, pasta, meat, seafood, baked goods, etc., the preferred is polyurethane PU conveyor belt.


The reasons are as follows:


1: Polyurethane PU conveyor belt is made of polyurethane (polyurethane) as the surface, transparent, clean, non-toxic and tasteless, can be in direct contact with food.


2: Polyurethane PU conveyor belt has the characteristics of oil resistance, water resistance and cutting resistance, with thin body, good toughness and high tensile strength.


3: Comply with FDA food grade certification


Polyurethane (PU) is a kind of material that can be dissolved in nature and is called green raw material. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) contains substances harmful to human body. Therefore, if the need for direct contact with food, from the perspective of food safety, the choice of polyurethane PU conveyor belt is good.


4: Considering the durability, polyurethane PU conveyor belt can be cut. After reaching a certain thickness, it can be used for cutter, and it can be cut repeatedly.


PVC conveyor belt is mainly used for food packaging transportation and non food transportation. Its price is lower than polyurethane PU conveyor belt, and its service life is generally shorter than polyurethane conveyor belt.

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