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Turning machine conveyor belt

Literally, the conveyor belt of turning machine is the conveyor belt that can transport goods smoothly at the turning point. This is to reasonably transform the fuselage according to the bending line that the goods must pass through, and then accurately direct the conveyor belt to change direction according to the wishes of the staff.


Turning mode of conveyor belt of turning machine:


Turning machine conveyor belt is divided into two ways: mandatory and natural turning. The former is characterized by not changing the main parts of the original machine, only adding a corner at the turning place to achieve, suitable for large turning. The latter is to find a way to make the conveyor belt bend naturally, with simple structure, easy maintenance and suitable for small turns.


Design of conveyor belt for turning machine


1. Line design.


2. Determine the parameters of idler group.


3. Accurately calculate the tension at each point of the conveyor belt.


4. Identify the restrictions on turning.


5. Dynamic analysis.


6. Prepare various maintenance measures in advance.


Function of conveyor belt of turning machine


The use of turning conveyor belt is very convenient, horizontal transportation and inclined transportation can be flexible, so it is widely used in industrial enterprises. For example, the transportation of beverage bottles, medicines, aluminum cans, cosmetics, food, etc. It can also be used in elevator, vegetable cleaning machine and meat food transportation. The pulling force of turning conveyor belt generally does not exceed 20 meters.


Due to the appearance of various mechanical conveying equipment, various conveyor belts play an increasingly important role in the transportation of industrial enterprises. With the development of technology, the conveyor belt is also constantly developing and innovating. In the future, the conveyor belt of turning machine will be more suitable for the production and transportation environment of various complex situations, more stable and efficient, meet the needs of various production, and play an increasingly important role as a bridge link in industry, agriculture and other industries.

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