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With the development of industrial automation, conveyor belt has become an indispensable accessory. Today, I will give you a brief introduction of light conveyor belt.


The light conveyor belt generally adopts high flexibility setting, and generally uses PVC and PU as the main materials. The performance requirements of different industries are not the same. In addition to mastering the advanced calendering process, the important thing is the material formula and the technical level of skeleton base material. The service life of a high-quality conveyor belt can be up to 10 years. The traditional plane conveyor belt relies on the friction between it and power equipment to transport goods. The conveyor belt should be in tension all the time. The friction and large tension on the surface will reduce the service life of the conveyor belt. The environmental protection precision belt or synchronous toothed belt with teeth relies on its meshing transmission with gears, No need to tension the conveyor belt, the service life will increase. In some industries, the conveyor belt will come into contact with acid-base goods, oil-based goods, high temperature goods, etc., or the conveyor belt itself has large load-bearing and bad working conditions, so the replacement frequency of light conveyor belt will be higher.


The conventional classification of light conveyor belts can be classified in different ways


1. According to industry application classification: food processing industry conveyor belt, packaging and printing industry conveyor belt, logistics industry conveyor belt, woodworking industry conveyor belt, sports industry conveyor belt, stone industry conveyor belt, non-woven industry conveyor belt, etc.


2. According to the application performance classification: climbing conveyor belt, baffle conveyor belt, lifting conveyor belt, anti-skid conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt, wear-resistant and cutting resistant conveyor belt, anti deviation conveyor belt, suction conveyor belt, sponge conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt, slotted conveyor belt, edge sealing conveyor belt, knife edge conveyor belt, turning conveyor belt, etc.


3. According to the color of products can be divided into: Green conveyor belt, white conveyor belt, black conveyor belt, blue conveyor belt, yellow conveyor belt, gray conveyor belt, transparent conveyor belt, dark green conveyor belt.


4. According to the conveyor belt thickness classification: 0.6 mm conveyor belt, 1.0 mm conveyor belt, 1.5 mm conveyor belt, 2.0 mm conveyor belt, 3.0 mm conveyor belt, 4.0 mm conveyor belt, 5.0 mm conveyor belt, 6.0 mm conveyor belt and other conventional thickness. For special customization, please contact us for professional customization.


5. According to the pattern type classification: matte conveyor belt, grass conveyor belt, diamond conveyor belt, cross conveyor belt, small round table conveyor belt, serrated conveyor belt, crescent conveyor belt, inverted triangle conveyor belt, washboard conveyor belt, straight stripe conveyor belt, cloth conveyor belt, oblong round table conveyor belt, golf conveyor belt, large grid conveyor belt, etc.


6. According to the fabric level of light conveyor belt products, it is divided into: one cloth one glue, two cloth two glue, three cloth three glue, four cloth four glue, five cloth five glue, one cloth two glue, two cloth three glue, three cloth four glue, etc. Special tension cloth can be customized according to tension demand.


7. According to the degree of cold resistance, it can be divided into: cold resistant conveyor belt (- 40 ), high temperature resistant conveyor belt (instantaneous temperature 120 )


Features of light conveyor belt:


1. Light conveyor with good lateral stability, not easy to deviate;


2. Light conveyor belt has various patterns, thicknesses and colors, which is suitable for multi industry and multi scene applications;


3. Light conveyor belt is light, energy saving and consumption reduction;


4. Light conveyor belt can be easily processed, and can be designed according to the different needs of customers.


Common cooperative customer cases:


In the paper packaging industry, punching conveyor belt is generally used. The holes can play the role of adsorption, making the paper flat without wrinkles, and can also play the role of positioning. 5.2mm grass grain climbing conveyor belt is also widely used in packaging industry.


In the food industry, white or blue PVC or PU food grade conveyor belt is generally used. According to different items, temperature resistance and anti sticking should be considered. Generally, Pu conveyor belt with thickness of 0.7-1.5 can cope with most process conditions. Considering cost reduction, food grade PVC 2.0-5.0 belt can be selected. Easy to clean blue pure Pu conveyor belt, no cloth layer, back gear transmission, good effect in meat processing and transportation, more and more used in recent years.


In the airport or logistics industry, PVC black matte 2.0-3.0 conveyor belt is mainly used, and PVK belt (three-dimensional woven cotton fabric, impregnated with PVK impact resistant material) is also a good choice. It is wear-resistant, puncture resistant, deviation free, and suitable for telescopic machine. The common thickness is 3.3mm, 3.5mm, 3.7mm and 4.8mm.


In the wood industry, sanding machine belt is basically rhombic lattice and A-shaped (horizontal round table) conveyor belt, rhombic lattice friction is slightly worse than A-shaped. The thickness of these two kinds of pattern conveyor belt is 9.0 mm. The density board processing mainly uses 6.0 mm dark green 3 cloth 3 glue prepress belt, and 2.0 mm-4.0 mm green PVC, conveyor belt.


In the stone industry, stone processing machinery mainly uses 4-cloth 4-glue 9.0 mm small mesh (snakeskin) belt and 4-cloth 4-glue 13.5 mm convex toothed belt (inverted triangle), which need on-site joint.

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