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How about food grade Pu convey

Cake bread is a delicious pastry, deeply loved by consumers. In order to meet the needs of consumers, most of the cake and bread are produced by machine assembly line. At this time, food conveyor belt will be used. How about food grade Pu conveyor belt for conveying cake and bread?


Bread conveyor belt, cake conveyor belt, and such conveyor belt have a common feature, that is, they need direct contact between products and conveyor belt, so it is recommended to reach food level, Pu conveyor belt is a good choice. But why do you say that? Let's get to know in detail.


Food grade Pu conveyor belt


Pu conveyor belt is selected by many food industries. Its material is food grade, which can better provide guarantee for products. Its features include oil resistance, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and non discoloration. Pu conveyor belt is selected as food conveyor belt by many food industries, many of which are familiar to the family, such as cake conveyor belt, bread conveyor belt and moon cake conveyor belt, which are common Products, we strongly recommend that we choose food grade Pu conveyor belt or other food conveyor belt for food safety.


Cake conveyor


Bread conveyor belt, moon cake conveyor belt and cake conveyor belt account for a large proportion of these three products in the market. Because in the bread line and mooncake line, these three products are often used. Most food manufacturers will choose food grade Pu conveyor belt, and a small part of them will use other materials. However, for food safety, it is recommended to choose food conveyor belt as much as possible. Pay attention to food hygiene.


Above is the introduction of the food grade Pu conveyor belt for cake and bread. I believe you have a certain understanding. Of course, Pu conveyor belt is not required in all production stages. If it is packed bread and cake, PVC conveyor belt can be selected. This conveyor belt is elastic, not easy to deformation, cheap, but can not directly contact with food, so it can only transport bagged, filled and audioloaded food. Welcome new and old customers to call for consultation.

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