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Identification method of PVC a

Identification method of PVC conveyor belt and Pu conveyor belt


1Elasticity: PVC conveyor belt rebounds slowly after folding, while Pu conveyor belt rebounds rapidly after folding.


2Scratch resistance scratch the surface of the conveyor belt with a nail. The surface of the PVC conveyor belt is easy to have dents, and the recovery is slow. There are basically no dents on the Pu conveyor belt.


3Combustion smoke Pu conveyor belt has less combustion smoke, mainly white smoke. Occasionally there is smoke because the combustion is not very sufficient. PVC conveyor belt has large combustion smoke, all of which are black smoke.


Four. Burning smell Pu conveyor belt has a certain smell when burning, and the smell is small. After burning, it becomes a black viscous liquid. After touching, it has adhesion and drawing. When the PVC conveyor belt burns, it has a strong smell and is very blunt. After burning, it turns into carbonization and hard. After hand twisting, it will turn into powder.


The food grade conveyor belt is non-toxic and tasteless. It can directly contact with food. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It fully meets the national food grade hygienic standards. The belt body can be directly cleaned to effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria.


The above is about the identification methods of PVC and PU. I hope it will be helpful to you. Miou belt focuses on the production, processing and sales of industrial conveyor belts. It has always provided customers with high-quality conveyor belts. It can be customized according to the material, width, height and perimeter required by customers. New and old customers are welcome to customize. For details, please consult 400-860-6021.

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