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What types of PVC green convey

Conveyor belt is a very important equipment component in the production line. Its main function is to transport products. With its existence, not only the production efficiency of the enterprise has been greatly improved, but also the labor cost and expenditure can be saved. Conveyor belts used in different industries are also different. Conveyor belts of the same material can be divided into many types. What types of PVC green conveyor belts?


PVC green conveyor type:


1. Green smooth conveyor belt: used to transport horizontal objects.


2. Green grass PVC conveyor belt: used to transport climbing goods.


3. Green herringbone guide belt: fast conveying climbing goods.


4. Green washboard conveyor belt: wood industry uses more.


5. Green straight stripe conveyor belt: horizontal conveying to prevent articles from sliding back and forth.


6. Green belt: prevent belt deviation when horizontal conveying.


PVC green belt thickness introduction:


First, for the weight of goods, the thickness of the conveyor belt is different, so we can choose the belt with the right thickness through the weight of the goods. Because the thicker the belt is, the greater the weight he can bear, so there is no need to worry about this. The thickness of PVC green conveyor belt is generally determined by the materials it delivers. Generally, the heavier the goods, the longer the conveying distance, the greater the tension the belt needs, and the thicker the belt thickness is.


1. The number of PVC green belt fabric layers is generally 1-4


2. The total thickness is between 1mm and 11.5mm (different fabric layers have different thickness)


3. The thickness of the corresponding surface coating is between 0.5mm and 6.5mm, but other thickness can be customized according to the customer requirements


4. The fabric layers of PVC green conveyor belt products can be divided into: one cloth, one glue, two cloth and one glue, two cloth and two glue, two cloth and three glue, three cloth, three cloth, four glue, four cloth, four glue, four cloth and five glue, five cloth and five glue, etc.


5. The temperature range of PVC green conveyor is from low temperature to high temperature of 10 to high temperature +80 .


The above is about PVC green transport with which types of introduction, hope to help you.

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