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What kinds of food skirt conve

With the progress of the times and the development of industrialization, the manufacturing industry has occupied a large proportion in production and life. Conveyor belt, as an important mechanical part of the manufacturing industry, is applied more and more widely and the types are more diversified. Conveyor belts used in different industries are also different. Different production processes in the same industry will also use different conveyor belts, which are often used in the food industry Edge conveyor belt, then which kinds of food skirt conveyor belt?


Food skirt conveyor belt has always been our hot product. There are two kinds of food skirt conveyor belt: PVC conveyor belt and Pu conveyor belt. In order to transport food more efficiently, food grade skirt is installed on both sides, which solves the problem that ordinary food conveyor belt or patterned conveyor belt can not achieve.


Food skirt conveyor belt is made of non-toxic materials, no odor, smooth surface. It is suitable for food processing and transportation of food raw materials. Moreover, it is also resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, oil and other substances, which plays a great role in the transportation of vegetables, leisure food, seafood and aquatic products. The main transportation modes include straight-line, turning and climbing. The skirt of food can effectively prevent all kinds of food from sliding from both sides.


Main features:


The skirt height can be customized according to customer requirements, generally between 1 cm ~ 15 cm.


Food skirt conveyor belt can also add baffle, when climbing to prevent food slide.


The skirt is welded by high frequency welding machine, which is very firm and not sticky.


Pu food side belt composite IS900 certification, use at ease.


High strength and wear-resistant baseband, with greater lateral stiffness and longitudinal flexibility.


Skirt conveyor belt can be divided into common type, heat resistant type, flame resistant type, cold resistant type, acid and alkali resistant type, oil resistant type, etc.


Food skirt material classification:


White food conveyor belt is a common type of conveyor belt, which is usually made of PU and PVC.


1. PVC food skirt conveyor belt: it is mainly used for packaged food, with high wear resistance, tensile strength and cost performance.


2. Pu food skirt conveyor belt: mainly used for direct contact with food, with oil resistance, non-toxic, hygienic, non stick, very easy to clean.


The above is about food skirt conveyor belt related knowledge introduction, I believe you also understand more clearly. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and customize.

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