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Transport beer bottles, especi

When transporting some fragile items, such as beer and ceramics, we will worry about the loss caused by the collision of fragile items during transportation. So, what kind of conveyor belt is suitable for our transportation? We suggest that you use a sponge conveyor belt to add a sponge (foam cotton) on the surface of the PVC conveyor belt, so that the surface can be elastically protected, giving a certain cushion when conveying fragile items, thereby playing a protective role.


Mio sells conveyor belts of various materials directly, and also specializes in special processing of conveyor belts, such as conveyor belt with foam, conveyor belt with sponge, conveyor belt with guide strip, etc. special processing is carried out according to customer requirements. Let's take a brief look at the role of sponge and guide strip.


1Sponge: soft and elastic, which has a good protective effect on articles.


2Guide strip: the guide strip can play a good role in preventing deviation.


3Thickness: the thickness can be determined according to customer requirements.


4Polyester cloth: industrial polyester cloth with good lateral stability.


PVC conveyor belt and sponge are indispensable in the industry of conveying fragile goods. If you need to understand and customize this sponge conveyor belt, you can contact our customer service online.

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