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Conveyor belt manufacturer: ho

Conveyor belt manufacturer: how about belt layering? Although our conveyor belt phenomenon, but this phenomenon also exists, because some customers have had this phenomenon, and look for solutions to us. At the beginning, we were very surprised that the quality of our materials is unlikely to be layered. We only knew that the customers bought the conveyor belt from some hardware stores when asked.


Belt delamination, literally we can understand what delamination is. In short, the peeling phenomenon of each layer of material that constitutes the belt also indicates that the quality of the belt is defective or the service life has reached a critical point.


Those who have used various types of conveyor belt products must know very well that they are usually made of several layers of materials. Just like the belts we use, they are all made of artificial leather and various metal fasteners lined with lining. In fact, in general, it is very difficult to see the belt delamination, but once there is a delamination problem, then the conveyor belt manufacturer does not recommend you to continue to use, it is a potential hazard for the equipment. As mentioned above, the problem of delamination generally occurs in poor quality conveyor belt products. When the service life is expired, it will not be expressed in the form of delamination, but will be broken and torn.


The conveyor belts are not combined by various adhesives and other means in the imagination. The industrial rubber and nylon sheet base group can not meet the product standard only by bonding. In the manufacturing process, the conveyor belt manufacturers adopt the method of hot pressing combination between the layers, so that the layers can be combined into one. So we haven't seen any customers report that the belt is layered, but this article still wants to tell you where to start to determine the root cause if you encounter the problem of delamination.

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