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Which kind of anti-skid patter

When it comes to the anti-skid conveyor belt, we have to mention the patterned conveyor belt. In many occasions, the anti-skid pattern conveyor belt is used, because it is not only anti-skid, but also has the characteristics of wear resistance, easy processing and short delivery period. Familiar with the pattern of conveyor belt friends know that the pattern of conveyor belt is more types, which anti-skid pattern conveyor belt more wear-resistant?


The anti-skid pattern conveyor belt is a product derived from the conveyor belt. It is a conveyor belt with patterns on its surface. The anti-skid pattern conveyor belt can help enterprises realize small angle material transportation.


There are many types of conveyor belt with stripe pattern. The product is widely used for transporting materials with angle less than 30 degrees. And it can be divided into three types: high school, high school and low school. Generally, the transportation of relatively small materials can solve the problems related to the decline.


Generally speaking, the herringbone anti-skid pattern conveyor belt has concave convex two kinds of characters, and also has opening and closing, which needs to be customized according to their own needs. It is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small materials with an inclination angle of 40 degrees, as well as bagged materials. The conveying angle is large and it is not easy to slide.


The product formula design of PVC conveyor belt is reasonable, in line with the hygienic index, the color is moderate, light and durable. Suitable for the transportation of various materials, the angle can be customized according to the needs of customers.


Pattern canvas belt conveyor belt the product has the ability of preventing material from sliding down and improving conveying. The friction coefficient is higher than other conveyor belt theory. Select high quality raw materials to process and customize products.


The above is about which kind of anti-skid pattern conveyor belt is more wear-resistant, I believe you also have a certain understanding. Manufacturers directly supply various types of pattern conveyor belt, pattern types and specifications are complete, can be customized according to the requirements, the source manufacturer, the price is more affordable.

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