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Why is the larger the pattern

In the daily production process, we will encounter the use of conveyor belt to transport goods, but we will also encounter some unnecessary troubles. Sliding in the process of transportation is a common phenomenon, so how to deal with this phenomenon?


"How does the conveyor belt prevent the product from falling and slipping?" In fact, the slip during transportation can be processed on the conveyor belt, but there is another way, that is, select the conveyor belt with obvious patterns to increase the friction between the articles and the conveyor belt, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-skid. However, the anti-skid design with obvious patterns is limited to some articles that contact the surface of the conveyor belt, Therefore, it is not advisable for some industries to choose this way for anti-skid design.


Features of patterned conveyor belt:


The pattern of the pattern conveyor belt can increase the friction between the product and the conveyor belt, and is also suitable for conveying materials in an environment with a certain inclination angle. The inclination angle can be 0-40 °, which can well prevent the sliding of materials.


The patterned conveyor belt is composed of belt body and patterned part, which can effectively prevent materials from slipping. Due to the difference between the transported materials and the inclination of the conveyor, the shape and height (depth) of the pattern are also different. When the inclination angle of the conveyor line is large, the material is easy to slip when using the ordinary conveyor belt. At this time, the patterned conveyor belt should be selected.


The above is why the larger the pattern of the conveyor belt, the better the transportability. I hope it will be helpful to you. Miou belt focuses on the production, processing and sales of industrial conveyor belts. It has always provided customers with high-quality conveyor belts. It can be customized according to the material, width, height and perimeter required by customers. New and old customers are welcome to customize. For details, please consult 400-860-6021.

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