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What knowledge should you know

Light conveyor belt and heavy conveyor belt are both conveyor belts, but there are obvious differences between them. Heavy conveyor belt is generally used in mineral, chemical, metallurgical and other fields, while light conveyor belt is used in daily chemical, tobacco, electronic, food, printing and other fields, and the belt thickness is relatively thin. What knowledge should you know to buy light conveyor belt?

1. There is no finished product for light conveyor belt


The size of each conveyor belt is related to the data of the original design conveyor. The main factors affecting the size of conveyor belt are as follows:


(1) Drum diameter: the thicker the conveyor belt is, the larger the drum diameter is required, so that the conveyor belt will not slip when rotating;


(2) Drum center distance: the drum center distance affects the perimeter of the conveyor belt. The formula for calculating the perimeter of conveyor belt is


The active and passive rollers are the same size: perimeter C = 3.14 * 2 * drum diameter + drum center distance * 2;


The active and passive rollers are different in size: perimeter C = 3.14 * active drum diameter + 3.14 * passive drum diameter + drum center distance * 2


(3) Different industries: food grade conveyor belt for food industry, flame retardant conveyor belt for logistics industry, antistatic conveyor belt for electronic industry and suction conveyor belt for printing industry


(4) Different environment: PU material should be used for oil resistance, patterned belt for friction resistance, felt belt for air permeability and polyurethane belt for non-toxic.


2. Price of conveyor belt


The factors influencing the price of light conveyor belt are as follows:


(1) Material selection of conveyor belt;


(2) Size of conveyor belt;


(3) Processing method: skirt, baffle, guide strip, drilling, hemming, etc.


The above is about the light conveyor belt purchase need to know what knowledge introduction, hope to help you. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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