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Development of synchronous bel

When using synchronous belt in rubber industry, are you curious about its development? Xiaobian is very interested in this issue. I believe many friends will also be a curious baby. If you want to know the development of rubber synchronous belt, let's take you to understand the stage of chloroprene rubber industrial synchronous belt and hydrogenated nitrile rubber used in modern industrial production.


In the early use of polyurethane rubber, in order to better adapt to the development of modern industry, synchronous belt manufacturers mainly use chloroprene rubber as the base material. It has excellent tensile properties and dynamic fatigue properties, as well as good weather aging resistance, oil resistance and flame retardant properties. In vernacular, it has the excellent characteristics of modern industrial products after continuous technical improvement.


It should be noted that the use temperature range of chloroprene rubber industrial synchronous belt is - 30 - 120 . However, with the development of modern mechanical transmission in the direction of miniaturization, lightweight and high efficiency, higher requirements for heat resistance are put forward. The synchronous belt made of hydrogenated nitrile rubber developed in the later stage can basically meet the transmission requirements of modern machinery.


The rubber industrial synchronous belt can withstand temperatures from - 40 to 175 , excellent physical properties, crack resistance and wear resistance, and has good processing properties similar to that of nitrile rubber. More optimization of materials and manufacturing process has been carried out.


The above is about the rubber industry synchronous belt development process introduction, I believe you also have a certain understanding. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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