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Causes of tearing the conveyor
1: Belt tear caused by imperfect structure of the belt conveyor: Due to the imperfect structure of the belt conveyor, the drop point of the conveyor belt is large, the relative velocity of the impurities in the coal stream is large, the impact force is large, sharp, Hard, long impurities are easily inserted into the conveyor at the blanking point, causing the conveyor belt to tear. 2: Conveyor belt tear caused by blocking material: The transfer chute is small, which easily hinders the tearing of the conveyor belt by materials and impurities. 3: The deviation of the conveyor belt causes the edge to be pulled:

4: Belt tear caused by impurities in the conveying material: The impurities in the conveying material are mainly for the coal port, the coal quality is not good, the large coal in the raw coal and various impurities, such as irons, wooden sticks, etc. This causes 70-80% of the tear, thus ensuring the quality of the source coal is the key to tear prevention. 5: Belt tear caused by improper installation of belt conveyor auxiliary equipment: There are many auxiliary equipments for belt conveyors, the falling of the liner, the sharp irons adsorbed by the iron remover, and the improper installation of the cleaner may cause tearing of the conveyor belt. Scratch, the ordinary conveyor belt has no lateral protection structure and cannot prevent tearing. 6: Returning coal with coils, etc.: In addition, the rubber aging of the conveyor belt joint causes the core layer of the conveyor belt to enter the water, causing the steel rope to be rusted and corrugated.
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