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What factors affect the joint

Various types of conveyor belts can operate normally and successfully achieve the goal of the enterprise, which is inseparable from the joint strength of the conveyor belt. Only when the joint strength of PVC conveyor belt is high enough, the conveyor belt can operate stably and safely. What factors affect the bonding strength of PVC conveyor belt?


1. Clean and dry degree of bonding interface: the more dry and clean, the more fully the adhesive liquid infiltrates the fabric, and the stronger the bonding strength.


2. Pressure applied on the lap surface: the more uniform the pressure applied, the stronger the adhesion.


3. Bonding degree between overlapping surfaces: the closer the bonding is, the stronger the bonding force is.


The reason why PVC conveyor belt joint is easy to crack is that the cracking of PVC conveyor belt joint will directly affect the use of conveyor belt. Generally speaking, there are two factors causing PVC conveyor belt joint cracking.


The strength at the joint of PVC conveyor belt is lower than that of ordinary belt. Generally, when mechanical connection is adopted, the joint strength can only reach 40-50% of the belt strength. When the cold glue quality is good, the joint strength can reach 60-70% and the hot glue strength can reach 80-90% (the joint method is correct and there are no quality defects).


Due to the low strength of the joint, if the bonding method is incorrect, the strength of the joint will be low, such as cutting, damaging the next layer of cloth during grinding, excessive grinding, excessive lap length, poor bonding performance, etc. When in use, the connector is easy to be disconnected. In addition, if the PVC conveyor belt does not use sealing glue, or the direction of sticking the joint is wrong, the joint part is easy to crack (surface glue part).


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