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As an important part of modern industrial production, conveyor belt plays the role of conveying goods, conveying power, cleaning, polishing and shock absorption. If you are in a special industry, such as chip industry, such conveyor belt is customized professional conveyor belt.


What is chip conveyor belt


Semiconductor chip conveyor belt referred to as the chip conveyor belt, mainly used to transport professional electronic chip products.


Special technology of chip conveyor belt


The chip conveyor belt can prevent the die which is easy to be damaged in the package from being damaged.


1. Using international a + raw materials to effectively improve service life by 30%


2. Transparent transparent conveyor belt manufacturers, accept non-standard customization, belt thickness can be as thin as 0.2mm


3. Using high frequency molecular technology seamless ring


4. Durable, no deviation, no burr, no fiber drop during conveying.


5. Using molecular crosslinking technology, the tensile strength can be effectively increased by 30%.


We have introduced the special conveyor belt that can be customized chip conveyor belt. If you also need heat-resistant conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt, oil resistant food conveyor belt, you can also consult and provide customized service of multi material and multi specification conveyor belt.

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