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what are the advantages and di

In the customization of some special models, we will tell customers that a certain model needs to be opened for production, because the stock of these models is small and the demand is small, or it is a kind of special processing. Especially in the series of polyurethane synchronous belt products, this situation is relatively common, which can also be called highly customized production. So why do industrial belt manufacturers usually not produce each model in this way? What are the advantages and disadvantages of mold production?


Let's first answer the following question: where are the advantages and disadvantages of individual open die customization. This way is a high degree of freedom of customization. Usually, when industrial belt manufacturers receive this order, they will make great changes to the original standard model of belts. To a large extent, we can help customers to produce specific belt products. However, if it is a disadvantage, it is not accurate. The production cost of the belt produced under this customized mode is naturally higher than that of the standard model, whether it is the labor cost or the material cost. Therefore, when it is delivered to the customer, the price will be slightly higher than the standard model number, which is also due to the influence of the process.


Another thing that many customers care about is that open die customization requires N orders. We said that we can order them, but we need 10 orders. This makes the customer the first mock exam. His actual needs are 4, but due to the width limit, the order must be 10, which limits a small number of customers.

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