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What's the matter with the sli

As the name implies, the conveyor belt with flange on the surface of the belt, some of which are wavy, called wavy edge conveyor belt. It is mainly used to prevent materials from falling during transportation. Like other conveyor belts, the conveyor belt with rib may slide sometimes. What's the matter?     


Main causes of belt slip with rib


When the conveyor belt is in normal operation, the belt speed shall not be lower than 95% of the roller speed. If the friction force between the roller and the conveyor belt is not enough, the conveyor belt with rib is easy to slide. There are many reasons for the insufficient friction between roller and conveyor belt, such as insufficient tension, load starting, insufficient friction coefficient of roller surface, etc.


The causes of insufficient tension are: insufficient tension travel, insufficient counterweight, too long conveyor belt with rib, etc;


The reasons for the insufficient friction coefficient of roller surface are: too much rubber coating wear on the roller surface, the belt body is too wet or sticky with lubricating oil, and there are materials on the surface of the belt body (easy to be dissolved and expanded by water).


How is it easy to crack at the joint of conveyor belt with rib


We all know that the conveyor belt joint is easy to crack, so what causes the belt to crack?


The strength at the joint of conveyor belt with rib is lower than the normal strength. Because the strength of the joint is relatively low, if the bonding method is not correct, the strength of the joint will be even lower, such as cutting, grinding the next layer of cloth, insufficient lap length, excessive grinding, insufficient number of steps, poor rubber performance or self sulfur failure, the strength of the joint will be greatly reduced. When using, it is easy to break the joint Phenomenon.


In addition, if the conveyor belt does not use sealing glue, or the direction of glue joint is wrong, the joint part is easy to crack.


The above is about the belt rib conveyor belt slip and joint cracking reasons, I believe you also understand. Generally good quality conveyor belt running problems are relatively small, the service life is also relatively long, so, in order to reduce the impact of the failure, it is recommended that you choose reliable conveyor belt manufacturers and purchase high-quality conveyor belt.

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