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What is the price of food conv

Dumplings, biscuits and other pasta can use which conveyor belt. Besides pasta, there are many kinds of food, such as meat, seafood, agricultural products, and so on. Different foods may use different conveyor belts. What is the price of food conveyor belt? Different types of food special conveyor belt price difference is bigger, material, processing method, temperature resistance is different, if the price is different, let's have a look at it together.


Special conveyor belt for food has its own application in different industries. For example, high temperature resistant silica gel belt is widely used in food cooling and SaQima equipment. Food grade easy cleaning belt has the characteristics of water washing and hydrolysis resistance in the slaughtering industry, and the application life of other food special conveyor belts is relatively short in the slaughtering industry.


Since the food special conveyor belt has many application scenarios and many product types, the price of conveyor belt is quite different. Compared with the material, the price of PE and silica gel conveyor belt will be higher. The price of PPU products is in the middle, while PVC products are relatively economical. In the same kind of material, the price of mould proof and antibacterial products will be higher than that of ordinary products, the price of pattern products is higher than that of flat belts, and the price of processing products will be discussed separately.


Therefore, the price of food special conveyor belt is determined by many factors. In the selection of food special conveyor belt, we should focus on the requirements of conveyor belt application scenarios, and select a reasonable price and reasonable style of conveyor belt products.

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