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Seven points for attention whe

Conveyor belt can be seen everywhere in industrial production, with a variety of types and diversified special processing. In many cases, due to the limitations of the environment or conditions, flat conveyor belt will be heat flow, making it into a ring conveyor belt, so as to continuously transport products.


Ring conveyor belt in a long time of use, there will be a variety of problems, which greatly shorten its service life. In order to achieve high performance, lightweight, multi-function and long life, the following seven points should be paid attention to in the process of use.


1. The idler can not be covered by materials, otherwise it will cause poor rotation.


2. Prevent the ring conveyor belt from starting under load.


3. Pay attention to the lubrication of the moving part of the annular conveyor belt, but do not oil the annular conveyor belt.


4. The deviation of the annular conveyor belt should be corrected in time.


5. Avoid the block of frame, pillar or block material to prevent the annular conveyor belt from cracking.


6. When the annular conveyor belt is damaged locally, it should be repaired immediately with artificial cotton to prevent expansion.


7. Avoid the material stuck between the roller and the belt after falling.


The above is the use of circular conveyor belt should pay attention to the seven matters, I believe we all understand it?

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