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Teach you how to distinguish P

PVC conveyor belt and Pu conveyor belt are two very common types of conveyor belt. Because of their similar appearance, many people once regarded PVC conveyor belt as PU conveyor belt. People who are familiar with the industry know that there are great differences in the performance and price of these two kinds of conveyor belts. If they buy the wrong belt, they will suffer losses. So, how to distinguish these two kinds of conveyor belts?


What is Pu conveyor belt: Pu conveyor belt: the material is PU material (polyurethane), which can be used in many industries, while Pu conveyor belt is generally used in food industry, which is also called food conveyor belt. It meets the food hygiene standards and can be in direct contact with food.


What is PVC conveyor belt: PVC conveyor belt: material is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), composed of polyester fiber cloth and polyvinyl chloride gel, working temperature -10 degrees ~80 degrees, can be used in many industries, widely used in food, timber, tobacco, electronics, logistics, medicine, tires, packaging, textile, clothing, printing and dyeing, knitting, automobile and other industries. Different industries are also based on their own transport products.


What is the difference between PVC conveyor belt and Pu conveyor belt: touch by hand, compared with PVC conveyor belt, Pu conveyor belt will be harder. The elastic PVC conveyor belt rebounds slowly after folding, while Pu conveyor belt rebounds fast. Scratch resistance of the surface of the conveyor belt. If there are concave marks on the surface and the recovery is relatively slow, it is PVC conveyor belt. If there are no concave marks on the surface, it is Pu conveyor belt.


Pu conveyor belt burning smoke is white, less smoke; PVC conveyor belt burning smoke is black, more smoke. When Pu conveyor belt burns, it has less odor, which is black viscous liquid after burning; while when PVC conveyor belt burns, it has larger odor, which is carbonized and hard after burning. Pu conveyor belt meets FDA food grade certification. Pu conveyor belt is resistant to cutting. It can be used in the cutting machine after reaching a certain thickness and can be cut repeatedly. PVC price concessions, compared to Pu, not very high requirements, will choose PVC conveyor belt.


How to choose Pu and PVC conveyor belt? PVC conveyor belt is mainly used for food packaging and non food conveying, and its price is lower than Pu conveyor belt. If the industry involves transportation of food, such as candy, pasta, meat, seafood, baked goods, etc., Pu conveyor belt is preferred.


The above is about how to distinguish PVC conveyor belt and Pu conveyor belt, hope to help you.

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