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What are the characteristics of food conveyor belt in food logistics? Now the main material of non-toxic food conveyor belt is Pu type. Because PVC, polyethylene, etc. contain harmful ingredients to human body, so now it is used in the food industry, and Pu conveyor belt is basically used. The materials are PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, acetal, PE, nylon, PA, etc. according to the specific food, there are corresponding special conveyor belts. For example, the aquatic conveyor belt requires the mesh to be permeable, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.


Common are: Vegetable conveyor belt, leisure food conveyor belt, beer conveyor belt, seafood conveyor belt. Maintenance: during transportation and storage, the food conveyor belt should be kept clean to avoid sunlight, rain and snow, contact with acid, alkali oil, organic solvent and other substances, and one meter away from the heating device.


During storage, the temperature in the warehouse should be kept between - 18 and 40 , and the relative temperature should be kept between 50-80% RH. During storage, the products shall be placed in rolls and not folded. During storage, they shall be turned over once a quarter. Different types, specifications and layers of conveyor belt should not be used together, and its joint should be glued.


The type, structure, specification and number of layers of conveyor belt should be selected reasonably according to the service conditions. Generally, the running speed of the conveyor belt should not be higher than 2.5 m / s. The low speed should be used for the materials with large lumpiness and wear and the fixed plow type discharging device. The diameter of the driving roller of the conveyor should be reasonably selected according to the design requirements of the conveyor.


The feeding direction should be along the running direction of the belt. In order to reduce the impact of the material falling on the belt, the chute should be used to reduce the falling distance of the material. In the receiving section of the belt, the distance between the idlers should be shortened and the buffer idlers should be used. In order to prevent material leakage, the belt side should use a soft and moderate baffle plate to avoid the too hard baffle plate and scratch the belt surface of the conveyor belt.


About the characteristics of food logistics food conveyor belt, which conveyor belt manufacturers will introduce to you. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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