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What are the differences betwe

There are many kinds of conveyor belts. Last issue introduced some differences between PVC conveyor belt and PVK conveyor belt. This time Mio will introduce some differences between PVC conveyor belt and PVK conveyor belt.


First, let's talk about the difference between their materials:


PVC conveyor belt: the surface is made of PVC, which is formed by polyester fiber cloth and PVC plastic.


PVK conveyor belt: it is a conveyor belt made of integral woven material, and then soaked in PVK fire-proof and impact resistant coating, without potential of layering.


Then, what are the differences in their characteristics:


PVC conveyor belt: high strength, light weight, colorful and beautiful, antistatic, small tensile, long service life and small resistance.


PVK conveyor belt: it has the characteristics of anti slip, cutting resistance, wear resistance, anti stamping and dirty resistance, anti smoldering, moisture resistance, antistatic, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, low ductility, strong adhesive force and no falling off.


And then, what they look like:


PVC conveyor belt: can be divided into flat PVC conveyor belt and pattern conveyor belt.


PVK conveyor belt: both sides are rough.


Say their processing:


PVC conveyor belt: PVC belt surface can be added with various patterns, can add PVC guide strip, baffle, skirt, edge, hole, red sponge, etc.


PVK conveyor belt: there are few special processing at present.


Above is about PVC conveyor belt and PVK conveyor belt some differences, hope to help you. The leading products of mieo conveyor belt are conveyor belt, conveyor belt, synchronous belt, synchronous belt pulley, rubber belt and various special industrial belts.

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