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Problems and solutions in the

Conveyor belt is a very important part of the conveyor system, so the normal operation of the conveyor belt is particularly important. Generally, there are some problems such as deviation, scratch and interface crack.

1. The first choice is to say down the deviation: if the new conveyor belt deviates, check two aspects: first, check the level of the drum, whether the height of both sides of the drum is consistent, and then check whether the belt interface is straight. If the drum is not horizontal, adjust the position of the drum. If the belt interface is not straight, the belt should be reconnected.


2. Scratch generally occurs when the transport goods are relatively sharp, and the conveyor belt will be scratched when rollover or movement occurs. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the motor operates normally. If the motor stops suddenly, it will cause the transport goods to roll over, thus scratching the conveyor belt. In this case, if the scratch is not very serious, it can be repaired, and if the scratch is relatively large, the conveyor belt can only be replaced with a new one.


3. The interface cracking phenomenon is generally considered by customers as the poor technology of the conveyor belt joint. In fact, the poor joint is one of the reasons. However, the experienced connection master will not make such a low-level mistake. Check whether the drum is over tightened. If it is over tightened, the conveyor belt will be damaged. Even if the interface is not cracked, the belt will also stretch and deform, which will seriously shorten the service life of the belt


Well, the above is the common problems and solutions of the conveyor belt I sorted, hoping to help you! If you are interested, you can call for advice!

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