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Is the more canvas layers the

Most friends in the purchase of conveyor belt will enter a misunderstanding, is the conveyor belt is not the more the better cloth layer, or the thicker the better, in fact, it is not, the use of conveyor belt is based on the size of the drum and the number or weight of conveying materials to determine, and then the use of conveyor belt environment and other factors to determine, so suitable is the best.


PVC is the abbreviation of a kind of material, its complete scientific name is PVC, so the main material of PVC conveyor belt is polyvinylene, but if the conveyor belt is made of pure polyvinylene, its tension is almost zero, so to make the finished conveyor belt, it needs to add a layer of industrial polyester cloth between PVC and PVC, this material has high tensile strength, and the thickness of the product is very small The higher, the more layers of cloth will be used.


PVC conveyor belt has good elasticity and is not easy to deform. High strength and high quality cotton, nylon and polyester canvas are used as belt core, and pure natural rubber green and environmental protection mixture is used to make white or light color, which is green and environmental protection. PVC conveyor belt product formula design is reasonable, color is moderate, light weight, durable.


When there are too many layers of canvas, the overall bending and flexibility of the lifting belt decrease, and the skeleton fiber is in the tensile state. After stretching, the bending tension of the fiber increases, which leads to fiber fracture, so that the lifting belt has enough fracture strength, but the cross-section is not long. Therefore, when selecting the model, it is not necessary to have more cloth layers. When it is strong enough, it is not necessary to add more cloth layers. In order to improve the buckling between the layers, the thickness of the adhesive can be improved, so as to improve the service life of the conveyor belt.


Therefore, it is not to say that the more canvas layers are, the better. The more the canvas layers are, the better the overall performance of the conveyor belt will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the quality rather than the quantity of the canvas layers when purchasing.

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