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The conveyor belt is always br

Conveyor belt is one of the necessary parts of conveyor equipment. If there is no conveyor belt, the machine cannot operate normally, and the fracture of conveyor belt will also affect the progress of the whole work. So, what causes the conveyor belt fracture? There are often two kinds of fracture phenomena of conveyor belt, one is longitudinal fracture, and the other is conveyor belt cracking. Then, the following is a brief introduction by Shandong conveyor belt manufacturer.


1The Shandong conveyor belt manufacturer tells you the reason for the longitudinal fracture of the conveyor belt:


1The vibration and impact causes the fasteners to loosen and fall off, resulting in the falling of lining plate and guide plate.


2. foreign matters are mixed in the material, which are hard, angular, blocked and squeezed. Longitudinal fracture of conveyor belt


3. the idler is damaged and the idler frame is scratched.


4. the conveyor belt is caught by the frame after serious deviation.


5The sweeper is drawn into the drum (return sweeper), the bolt is loose and there is a sign of bouncing.


2Shandong conveyor belt manufacturer tells you the reason for belt cracking:


1Due to the limitation of space size, the conveyor belt has many bending times.


2The joint has been vulcanized more than twice due to various reasons.


3Shandong conveyor belt manufacturer tells you the solution to the fracture and crack of conveyor belt:


1Check the production equipment regularly to prevent foreign matters from being mixed in the materials, regularly check the defects of the idler and replace the idler.


2Confirm the use environment of the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt can be customized for its characteristics, anti stretching, ductility, etc., so as to improve the service life of the conveyor belt.


The above is about the introduction of "conveyor belt always breaks and cracks". I believe you also have a certain understanding. The company can involve many industries according to the needs of users. Special aircraft customization is carried out in the use environment, with three complete customization schemes of the whole category, the whole production process and the whole industrial chain. Please consult customer service for more details.

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