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How to distinguish the good fr

How to distinguish the good from the bad? The following introduces several kinds of steel wire conveyor belt manufacturers which are composed of steel wire rope, rope core and oil. We hope our introduction will help you.


1The selection of the most suitable tape depends not only on the thermal strain, but also on the chemical and mechanical stresses.


2The temperature of the material to be transported and the surface temperature of the belt depend on the composition and properties of the material, the shape of the surface structure and the size of the particles. For example, when the temperature of bulk material is 150 (sintering or sintering) (the process of converting powder material into compact material), and the contact area is relatively small, the surface temperature of belt can be maintained at 60-80 . According to its performance, the annular conveyor belt can be divided into cold resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance and other types. The product is made of nylon canvas by calendering, molding and vulcanization. Nylon conveyor belt is widely used in mining, coal yard, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, port and other industries. It is suitable for conveying noncorrosive bulk, granular, powdery materials or finished products, such as coal, coke, sand, cement, etc. at room temperature. It is also suitable for conveying bulk, granular, powdery and other kinds of bulk materials with bulk density of 6.5 ~ 2.5t/m3. It can also be used for conveying human goods. Compared with ordinary cotton conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt has high strength, high elasticity, impact resistance, light weight and good slotting performance. It can effectively reduce the transportation cost and realize high-speed, long-span and long-distance transportation. When conveying cement (material: powdery hydraulic inorganic cementitious material) powder, the temperature of the material and the surface temperature of the belt are not very different.


3The service life of heat-resistant conveyor belt is greatly affected by the surface temperature of the belt, as well as the delamination of rubber and core layer. Therefore, considering the surface temperature and ambient temperature of the belt, and whether the belt will cool completely after returning, the belt speed and center distance are very important to the belt.


4Sealant is an important condition to ensure long life of belt. We recommend that the core cover thickness be 6-8mm and 2-4mm.

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