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What should be paid attention

Textile industry has a very long history in our country. It is a culture that has been handed down in the primitive society. With the changes of the times, the textile industry has begun to realize industrial production gradually, and mechanized production can meet the demand and supply of the market. Textile production and processing of textile conveyor belt is one of the important equipment components, and many machinery and equipment, the new conveyor belt also has run in! So what should be paid attention to in textile conveyor belt? Let's let PVC conveyor belt small braid together to understand!

1. After the textile conveyor belt is installed and debugged, in the early stage of operation, it is consistent with the surface layer of the friction parts in the middle of different parts until the two parts are fully matched. The dirt falling in the friction process will also increase the damage of the textile conveyor belt. If the production is overloaded, it is easy to cause equipment failure.

2. During the running in period of textile conveyor belt, it is planned to maintain lubricating oil every week to keep the conveyor belt well lubricated. Check the oil level of lubricating oil and hydraulic oil from time to time. Pay attention to whether the device is sealed. If the oil quantity is too small, find out the cause and deal with it.

3. It is often necessary to pay attention to whether the parts are loose or not. The running in of new textile conveyor belt is easy to loosen due to the impact of the machine, the reduction of mechanical vibration and thermal expansion, and the running in damage.

4. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures, because the operators may be lack of understanding of the new conveyor belt, unfamiliar with the structural performance, there may be operational errors, which can easily lead to equipment damage.

5. After the running in of textile conveyor belt is finished, the comprehensive maintenance of textile conveyor belt needs to be registered and recorded.

The above is about the textile conveyor belt before the use of the introduction, I hope you pay attention to, conveyor belt is a kind of consumable, no matter what kind of conveyor belt, use should be familiar with the use instructions, usually to maintain, in order to use longer.

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