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How should the sealing machine

Users familiar with the sealing machine know that the sealing machine belt is a vulnerable part of the sealing machine. Since it is a vulnerable part, it needs to be replaced. Do you know how to replace the sealing machine belt?


Sealing machine belts are generally PVC conveyor belts with grass grain on the surface and guide strips on the back.


1. Before replacing the sealing machine belt, check whether the sealing machine is in the power-off state. This is mainly to avoid accidents during replacement.


2. When replacing the sealing machine belt, we will minimize the tightness of the belt at the front end of the sealing machine belt.


3. After the first two links of belt replacement of sealing machine, remove the belt at the end with belt pulley.


4. After the belt of the sealing machine is installed, tighten the nut to prevent loosening from affecting the packaging effect of the sealing machine.


After the above introduction, do you know how to replace the belt of the sealing machine? If you still don't understand, please consult us

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