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Logistics is very common in life, we usually receive the express need to be classified by logistics, and then sent to us by the courier, a large number of express every day, conveyor belt in sorting this aspect instead of a lot of labor, and the efficiency is also very fast.

There are three kinds of conveyor belts commonly used in logistics industry: PVC grass grain anti-skid belt, pvc4.0 black low noise flat belt and PVK wear-resistant conveyor belt.

We know that the automatic sorting system is generally composed of control device, sorting device, conveying device, sorting crossing and control software; At the same time, we need to know what standard to choose!

The sorting capacity of the equipment per hour. Time is money, efficiency is everything. As for normal packages, the normal data in the industry is about 12000 pieces per hour. But, I want to say but, this is the theoretical data - that is, the experimental data. In actual operation, according to the shape and size of the package and other external reasons, it can reach 6000 pieces / hour, which is very good.

With speed, the second important thing is accuracy. No matter how fast the gear of your equipment turns, if there is no accuracy, everything will be floating clouds. You know, speed and accuracy are efficiency.

Automatic measurement, intelligent sorting equipment, can automatically adjust according to the packaging materials, packaging weight, the smoothness of the bottom of the packaging, intelligent discrimination into the correct sorting crossing, this is a matter of principle. Automatic weighing: in this material age of penny pinching, the weight difference of 1G is equivalent to the express fee of 1 yuan in cross-border e-commerce. 5000 pieces a day, and 1g difference in each piece, that is 5000 yuan difference. It's all money.

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