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Treatment of belt deviation of

1. correctly install the center adjusting roller set


When installing the center adjusting roller group, there are many ways, such as four link type, vertical roller type and intermediate rotating shaft type. The principle is to use the blocking or idler to turn in the horizontal direction to block or generate transverse thrust to make the belt automatically centripetal to adjust the belt deviation. The load condition is the same as that of the bearing roller group.


2. adjust the tension of belt conveyor


Another effective solution to avoid belt deviation is to adjust the tension of belt conveyor effectively. There are two rotating rollers at the upper end of the tension position of the weight hammer. The two changed rollers should not only be vertical to the length direction of the belt, but also be in a horizontal state with the center line of the shaft.


3. pay attention to the working direction and running tendency of the belt


For the belt conveyor with two-way operation, the problem of deviation appears, which is more difficult to deal with the problem than that of one-way belt conveyor. In the process of adjusting, one direction should be adjusted first, then another direction should be adjusted. The relationship between the working direction and the running tendency of the belt should be observed carefully, and then adjusted one by one.


4. adjust the position of the steering roller and the driving roller


In a complete belt conveyor equipment, there are several rollers. It is required that the installation position of each drum is vertical to the center position of the movement direction of the belt conveyor length. When it is not in vertical state and the deviation is large, the phenomenon of deviation will appear.


5. adjust the position of idler group


When the belt is running out of the way during the conveying process, the position of the roller group which plays the bearing role can be adjusted in depth.


Belt conveyor plays an important role in the production line. Only by doing a good job of installation, debugging and maintenance can we ensure the safety and stability of production.

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