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"It's winter all night." how l

After the beginning of autumn, there is a phenomenon of "chaos", and even one day can experience the four seasons of the year. As a result, people travel and wear all kinds of clothes. Wearing more or less will become very different, especially when they are stared at, it is really a "social death" scene. Today, I feel that the temperature will start to cool down again. According to China, a strong cold air is brewing and will sweep most parts of China in recent days. The cooling range in some areas can reach 10 ~ 12 ° C. this cold air can be called "all-round". It has a long impact time and a strong cooling. We should pay attention to adding clothes and do a good job of keeping warm.


With the arrival of cold air, how long has your conveyor belt not been repaired? Has it been used too long? Let's take you to understand the common problems and possible causes of the conveyor belt. After reading it, check it before the arrival of cold air.


1. The conveyor belt deviates.


Partial planting accumulated debris improper arrangement of idler transitional tension on one side of conveyor belt improper loading idler, drum and conveyor are not on the center line


2. The conveyor belt slips.


The idler is stuck accumulated debris the rubber surface of the drum is worn the counterweight is insufficient the friction between the conveyor belt and the drum is insufficient


3. Excessive belt elongation.


Excessive tension insufficient strength of conveyor belt accumulated debris excessive counterweight asynchronous operation of double drive drum damage caused by chemical substances, acid, heat and rough surface substances


4. The edge of the conveyor belt is seriously worn.


Eccentric load excessive tension on one side of the conveyor belt improper loading damage caused by chemical substances, acid, heat and surface rough substances the conveyor belt is in an arc accumulated debris poor vulcanization joint performance of the conveyor belt and improper selection of mechanical buckle


5. The groove of the idler is damaged.


The idler clearance is too large the slope of the slope change point is too large

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