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How to distinguish the good fr

Heat resistant conveyor belt is mainly used in metallurgy, construction and other industries, conveying sinter, coke, cement clinker and other high-temperature materials. How can we distinguish the quality of the belt? The following nylon conveyor belt small series teach you a few moves.


1. The selection of the most suitable tape depends not only on the thermal strain, but also on the chemical and mechanical stress;


2. The temperature of the transported material and the surface temperature of the belt vary according to the composition, properties, surface structure shape and particle size of the material. For example, when the temperature of the bulk material is 150 (coke or sinter ore) and the contact area with the belt is small, the surface temperature of the belt can be maintained at 60 ~ 80 . However, when conveying cement powder, the difference between material temperature and belt surface temperature is very small;


3. The service life of heat-resistant conveyor belt is greatly affected by the surface temperature of the belt, and it also affects the cover rubber block and core delamination. Therefore, when selecting the belt, it is very important to consider the surface temperature of the belt, as well as the ambient temperature, and whether the belt can be fully cooled when it returns; The belt speed and center distance should be noted;


4. A thicker cover is an important condition to ensure the long service life of the belt. We suggest that the thickness of the cover for the fabric core to resist the hot belt is 6-8mm for the upper cover and 2-4mm for the lower cover.

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